Electrical Installation


  • Smoke alarms to all floors.
  • Carbon monoxide detector sited in the proximity of the boiler.
  • Mains transformer doorbell.


  • Fibre optic connection is provided direct to all home styles to enable a super-fast broadband service to be obtained from a recognised provider.
  • Category 5 hard wired computer network from the optical network terminal (ONT) to points in living room, kitchen/dining area, study (where applicable) and all bedrooms.
  • A BT point will also be fitted to either the entrance hall, study or dining area.

T.V. and Media

  • Media plate containing TV, CAT5 and satellite points along with 4 socket outlets are fitted to the living room of all home styles.
  • NOTE:
    1. The high level TV point, CAT5 point and double socket outlet is provided above the media plate.
  • Wiring to enable satellite TV (equipment not included) is provided in the media plate.
  • TV points are fitted to the lounge, kitchen/dining area and bedroom 1 of all home styles.
  • A TV aerial fitted to the loft void is available as a chargeable upgrade. Please refer to the Available Upgrades leaflet.

Energy Efficient Interior Lighting

  • LED recessed ceiling lights are provided to kitchen/dining area, ground floor shower room, hall, bathroom, en-suite bathroom/s and walk in wardrobe as applicable to all home styles.
  • NOTE:
    1. The combined ground floor shower room/utility to home style Babington will be fitted with LED recessed ceiling lights.
  • LED strip lights are provided to the underside of kitchen wall units and understairs storage cupboards.
  • 2D light fitting is provided to all utility rooms.
  • NOTE:
    1. The combined utility/cloakroom to home style Drake will be fitted with a 2D light fitting.
  • Ceiling roses are provided to all living rooms (2 No.), all studies (1 No.), all bedrooms (1 No.) and above all island and peninsular breakfast bars (1 No.), to home styles Chaucer, Chesterton, Defoe, Gladstone and Swinburne.
  • A batten holder light fitting is provided to the cloakroom of home styles Byron, Chambers, Chambers ‘A’, Defoe, Keats, Orwell, Shelley and Wilkins.
  • Light bulbs (low energy LED) are provided for all light fittings.
  • Pendant light fittings to loft void with neon indicator switch on landing.

Energy Efficient Exterior Lighting

Front elevation

  • Spot lights recessed in the soffit above the main entrance door, with a passive infra-red (PIR) sensor, are provided to home styles Blake and Orwell.
  • A stylish outside light with a passive infra-red (PIR) sensor is provided in close proximity to the main entrance door. 2 No. to home styles Babington, Gladstone and Swinburne. 1 No. to home styles Byron, Chambers, Chambers ‘A’, Chaucer, Chesterton, Defoe, Drake, Keats, Lawrence, Shelley and Wilkins.

Rear elevation

  • An outside light point, wiring only, is provided in close proximity to the patio and rear/side doors (if applicable) and switched internally close to the patio and back/side doors. A stylish, contemporary outside light to the rear/side elevation is available as a chargeable upgrade. Please refer to the Available Upgrade leaflet.
  • NOTE:
    1. LED lights with a P.I.R. sensor are fitted to the garages of plots 6, 7, 11, 36 and 41.

Power outlets

  • A generous provision of double and single socket outlets – all as shown on home style floor layout plans and kitchen layout plans.

USB power outlets

  • 2 No. are provided within the double socket outlet to the kitchen/dining area and 4 No. bedroom 1 (2 each side of bed space).

Shaver socket

  • Dual voltage shaver sockets are provided (1 No.) to all ground floor shower rooms, bathrooms and en-suites adjacent to the wash hand basins.

Garage Electrical Installation

  • All garages are provided with LED tube lighting and a double socket power outlet.

Electric vehicle charging

  • All garages are provided with an electrical installation suitable for an electric car charging point to be installed.

Electrical Upgrades

  • For details of available upgrades please refer to the Available Upgrades Leaflet.
Electrical installation examples
Electrical installation examples