Underfloor Heating - An Energy Efficient Way To Heat Your Home

Underfloor heating examples
Underfloor heating examples

One very special feature we include in our houses* is underfloor heating.

Why do we use it?

We use it because it's energy efficient - it runs at a lower temperature than radiators and so less energy is used, making it more cost effective for you.

The underfloor heating supplies heat to the ground floor and radiators with thermostatic valves heat the upper floors. So, with no radiators downstairs taking up valuable wall space, you are free to position your furniture wherever you wish. It also provides a more natural and comfortable heating system for your home - you get an all over radiant warmth across the entire floor.

A conventional energy efficient gas boiler supplies all the underfloor heating, radiators and domestic hot water.

*Apartments are heated by energy efficient radiators with thermostatic valves.

How it works

Warm water is pumped from the boiler to a manifold which distributes the water into pipes embedded in the concrete floor. Each continuous pipe loop serves a floor zone. See individual home style under floor heating plan for precise details of floor zones.The warmth from the water gently heats up the floor releasing radiant heat into rooms.

There are virtually no restrictions on the floor coverings you can choose including ceramic floor tiles, laminates, wooden floors, vinyl, and almost all carpets –extremely thick carpets and underlays may need to be avoided.

The system works most efficiently if it is left to run all the time, letting a traditional room thermostat do the job of switching the boiler on and off as necessary.

Living with it

Once you have experienced and enjoyed the combined underfloor heating and radiator system we fit into most of our homes, we feel sure that you will never want anything else!

A warmth that feels natural and comfortable

Underfloor heating examples
Underfloor heating examples