Flooring Finishes

Ceramic Floor Tiles

  • An extensive choice* of high quality ceramic floor tiles fitted to all entrance halls, kitchen/dining areas, utilities and ground floor shower rooms, are available for selection to home styles Allington, Fontana, Gentry, Hughes, Klein and Klein ‘A’.
  • NOTE:
    1. A metal edged mat well with an inset ribbed mat will be provided to all ceramic tiled entrance halls.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • An extensive choice* of vinyl flooring, which is fitted to all bathrooms and en-suites of all home styles, and kitchen/dining areas, utilities (where applicable) and cloakrooms of home styles Albers, Albers ‘A’, Flanagan, Francis, Gilbert, Hockney, Hoyland, Penrose, Penrose ‘A’, Perry and Perry ‘A’ is available for selection.

Flooring Upgrades

  • A range of flooring is available as a chargeable upgrade and offered for carpets, wood plank, ceramic floor tiles and vinyl sheet flooring finishes. For a tailored quotation please refer to our Sales Office Manager.
Flooring finishes examples
Flooring finishes examples