Helpful Checklist

Our Helpful Checklist

Here is a helpful ‘checklist’ to ‘make your move as smooth as possible when selling their properties in order to buy a new home from us,
it may help make the transition easier and avoid unnecessary stress and potential problems. We do hope you find this helpful.
 - Utility companies – readings/contact details/date to provide information or cancel
 - Sky TV – Moving home
 - House insurance – cancellation/upgrading amount etc.
 - Mortgage protection – upgrading to cover amount / term
 - Life insurance – as above
 - TV licence – cancellation/move address
 - Council Tax – move address
 -  Telephone – move number
In addition to the above a reminder for you to notify of address change:
 - Driving license
 - Bank & finance (direct debits/credit cards/Paypal)
 - Memberships / subscriptions
 - Doctors
 - Schools
 - Hospital (if under consultants etc.)
 - Work
 - Online shopping accounts with deliveries
 - Pet insurance
 - Pet Microchipping

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